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Culture, System, Lifestyle and Religion.

Tucked in the back streets of Arc de Triumf lies a new and astonishing gallery of Multidisciplinary Arts.

Usina Haimney is a place where artists can express themselves with freedom; a space to highlight and showcase their talent.

Who better to provide the creative industry with an opportunity to come together under one roof? None other than Berlin based babe Lauren Jones TB (TechnoBabes).

Barcelona, Multidisciplinary arts

📸 Universal Techno, Barcelona 24.08.2018 at Usina Haimney. Photo by Andreas Hachulla

– More pictures of the event at the bottom of the article. –

Universal techno is a concept created by Lauren, a multidisciplinary event that highlights the impact of Techno Culture on our contemporaries and especially on artists’ source of inspiration; leading to the development of an artistic movement.

Proving that, as artists and freelancers, when we work together instead of competing against each other we can accomplish beautiful things. It is possible to do it together, without budget, without refinements. Where fashion, music and art come together. We are all Universal and we are all one.

Music is an universal language that anyone around the world understand and not only humans, animals, plants and water too feel and react to music.

Being on a Dancefloor and dance is a physical and psychological experience that has the power to gather all of us. Dancing releases endorphins to our body as a natural source of free pleasure and give us the energy to rave and dance for hours the dancefloor, doesn’t matter what social background do we have: we are all here, receiving the vibrations.”

Artists hailing from all corners of the globe (from France all the way to America), all ages (the youngest being 21), all industries to share an evening together. As I made my way into the venue Lauren greeted me at the door (She asks for a small 5 euro donation for the artists). As I made my way to the bar I was greeted with the beautiful Lego Sky prancing around in his elaborate outfits and just being all in all fabulous. As I moved throughout the venue I felt all my senses stimulated. My eyes by the art, my ears by the sound healing bowls played over subtle techno loops (Argentian based Romina D’Angelo), I was hurled into a seat and demanded to let go of my ego by the magnificent Gina Kouroumali. Feeling cleansed I made my way up the stairs where my ears were once again roused with subtle hints of synths, my absolute favourite installation of the evening. Berlin based artist Symbiosis (live), a live set using an installation of plants. I hooked myself up to a machine, which was installed to Ableton, and as I held the leaves of the plants, I created my own live music. I still get goosebumps as I type this. Incredible.

I made my way around the gallery 3 more times, seeing something I had not noticed before upon every trip. At midnight we were all moved downstairs to dance the night away to upcoming techno talents and sip on cava until the early hours of the morning.

Lauren Jones TB concludes:

‘All together we have our place in the painting and we play different essential roles for the composition and for the movement to happen. We are Artists, Working Creatives, Djs, Ravers, Runners, Groupies, Club Kids, Volunteers, Dreamers.

We are the Techno Collective.

 – Lauren Jones TB is freelancing within the music, events and creative industries. She does Artists and Brands Management, Event Production and Art Direction based in Berlin. 

coucou(at)TBmgmt.fr – to contact in case of any enquiries regarding Universal Techno
TBmgmt freelance


Andreas Hachulla – Digital Drawings (DE)
Anna-Lena Krause & Sam Aldridge – Digital Installations (DE + UK)
Dani Lozano aka Cachorro – Drawings (SP)
Gina Kouroumali – Live art and poetry performance (GR)
Iara Kaumann Madelaire – Sculptures (AR)
Isabel Rabassa – Paintings + Live (VE)
Josefine Aspvik – Comic Art (FI)
Kassandra Powel + Chloé Rona + Katie Simpson – Performances (UK)
Krudelia – Automatic Paintings (UK)
Lego Sky – Fashion (RU)
Lucas Kaique Dias – Light Design (BR)
Melon – Live Painting + Live (VE)
Milla Autar – Poetry (NZ)
MoraSalvaje – Black Light Surreal Illustrations (CO)
Morgane Faes Cortes – Sculptural Installations (FR)
Nicolas Fellas – Plants & Machines Installations (LB)
Oriol Reverter – Photography (CAT)
TrèsBeau – Set Design (FR)
Rien – Visual Artist & VJ (FR)

Universal Techno By Lauren Jones TB Barcelona 24.08.2018


Universal Techno Barcelona 24.08.2018 TechnoBabes x Life of Lola


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