Heart Brain Connection

Everyday there is a dialogue going on inside of us, it is THE most important conversation we will ever encounter in our lives, yet…. we are so unaware of its existence.
It is the subconscious, an emotional language between our heart and our brain. ‘The heart brain connection’
I somehow survived 28 years without it, and when I look back, I barely remember anything significant in those 28 years. Just a cluster of memories formulated by not living my truth.
Now as I exit 28 and slip into the comfort of being 29, my heart and my brain are finally co-existing in an unbreakable oath.
I wish I could fast forward to a year from now, for I cannot wait to be 30.
That’s when the clapperboard will snap and we officially start filming.
All of this has just been a rehearsal.
1 year into this relationship and we will really get this fucking show on the road.
Thank you @melon_ink for turning my thoughts into art and connecting your heart with my brain today.
A reminder imprinted into my skin that I did it.
And I never ever have to go back.

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