Why I swapped The Grind for Freedom.


I have so many beautiful strangers & friends exclaim to me… ‘wow I wish I had your life!’

Yet upon further inspection, I see they have a mortgage, several pets, the latest jacket, driving the latest automobile and I think.
My god!
I could live my life 5 times over for the price of that car!

I swapped 8 hour days at the beauty salon being died, buffed, polished, blow dried & tweezed for leaning over my sink with hair dye & manicure kit from the euro store.

I swapped my countless pieces of designer clothes for 30 cheap items I can mix, match & drag all over the world with me.

I swapped my $6 a day coffees for 1€ Italian espressos.

I swapped thousands of dollars of Botox and the latest beauty crazes for the real smile that has manifested the crinkles in my eyes I have begun to love, for they are accumulated from the bellowing laughter my new life has brought me

I swapped countless hours on a treadmill going nowhere for free runs through Guadi parks and gardens and castles that take my breath away no matter how many times I see them.

I swapped my 2k a month 1 bedroom central apartment for a $400 a month room I only really see at night time.

I swapped my $200 a week addiction to bulimia and the gym for 10€ 3 course lunches that stay in my tummy. I swapped my size 6 jeans for a size 10

I swapped fearing people in the music industry knowing these things about me and started accumulating a collection of real vulnerable humans.

I swapped fear for courage

I swapped it all
And I gained a life of purpose.

Of adventure.
Of the unknown.

I lost myself.
And then found myself again in the streets of Europe.
In my mind. I’ve made it.
I will never need the house. The car. The dog. The mortgage. The husband. (And I am NOT criticizing those who TRUELY desire it)

I just need me, myself, these streets and my abundance of freedom.

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