Learn to Rest; Not to Quit



If you get tired; learn to rest.
Not to quit ✨

In times of grief and emotional turbulence remember to practice what makes you happy.

For me, it’s taking a walk around my city, giving my spare change to the various artists on the sidewalks.
It’s not much, but that little smile exchange and our eyes locking for a fleeting moment as they hear the penny drop into their instrument case reminds me of human connection.

Something that is paramount to my existence, yet something I cannot retreat in right now as I pick up all the parts of myself and prime for a very giant leap of faith forward

I’m nurturing that what I receive and lose are both gifts
I’m tending to my soul
I’m remembering that we’re all seeking the same thing.
We’re all craving meaning and value
Letting go and deciding to grow after exhausting the love inside of me to those who are far too afraid of themselves

We often have to start from a very low place.
There are random bouts of tears..
There are 3am bouts of fears…
We are simply a ghost of ourselves because we are not here.

We must accept and surrender
And although it seems counterintuitive
We mustn’t quit
We must simply learn to rest. ✨

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